Past Presidents

Below is the listing of past presidents of the West of Twin Peaks Central Council from 1937 through the present.
1937John S. CurranForest Hill Association
1938Herman WeinbergerLaguna Honda Association
1939George W. KemperMerced Manor Property Owners Association
1940Cleveland W. WrightForest Hill Association
1941Harry L. ChickLaguna Honda Association
1942Arthur W. KohnerSt. Francis Homes Association
1943Dr. Harry SniderMiraloma Park Improvement Club
1944Harry GrossmanLakeside Home Owners Association
1945George W. GerhardtBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1946Edward T. MancusoIngleside Terraces Homes Association
1947Leon W. FrickeWestwood Highlands Association
1948Tevis JacobsLakeside Property Owners Association
1949Emil K. BenderMerced Manor Property Owners Association
1950James K. ThurstonIngleside Terraces Homes Association
1951Ralph W. PfeifferWestwood Highlands Association
1952Dr. Leland A. BarberMonterey Heights Homes Association
1953Alan G. MetzgerWestwood Park Association
1954Oscar H. Fisher, Jr. Lakeshore Park Omprovement Club
1955George McIntoshLakeside Property Owners Association
1956Harry HarknessMerced Manor Property Owners Association
1957Dr. George J. ListerLakeside Home Owners Association
1958John CollinsMonterey Heights Homes Association
1959J. C. KohlbecherBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1960William H. JaenickeSt. Francis Homes Association
1961Norbert S. BabinForest Hill Association
1962Herman H. BenekeWestwood Park Association
1963Joseph HerbertLakeshore Park Omprovement Club
1964James T. FeehanBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1965-1966Curt KrauseMiraloma Park Improvement Club
1966-1968Raymond I. MulcrevyMonterey Heights Homes Association
1968-1970Richard C. CulverForest Hill Association
1970-1972Ben FarberLakeshore Acres Improvement Club
1972-1973Edward J. ReidyLakeside Home Owners Association
1973-1974Leon MarakelBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1974-1975Fred S. VoigtSt. Francis Homes Association
1975-1976Oscar H. Fisher, Jr. Lakeshore Acres Improvement Club
1976-1977Maureen ConroyMercd Manor Property Owners Association
1977-1978George TainterLakeshore Acres Improvment Club
1978-1979George TainterLakeshore Acres Improvment Club
1979-1980Vern AndersonCrestlake Property Owners Association
1980-1981Joe BishoSt. Francis Homes Association
1981-1982Walter FarrellForest Hill Association
1982-1983Manny PiranoMiraloma Park Improvement Club
1983-1984Manny PiranoMiraloma Park Improvement Club
1984-1985Frances McNamaraLakeshore Acres Improvment Club
1985-1986Juanita RavenMonterey Heights Homes Association
1986-1987Juanita RavenMonterey Heights Homes Association
1987-1988Michael HandlosBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1988-1989Jean HadleyForest Hill Association
1989-1990Jean HadleyForest Hill Association
1990-1991Carol KocivarSt. Francis Homes Association
1991-1992Carol KocivarSt. Francis Homes Association
1992-1993Art RosenbergBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1993-1994Art RosenbergBalboa Terrace Homes Association
1994-1995David BishoWestwood Highlands Homeowner's Association
1995-1996David BishoWestwood Highlands Homeowner's Association
1996-1997Anita TheoharisWestwood Park Association
1997-1998Paul ConroyIngleside Terraces Homes Association
1998-1999Paul ConroyIngleside Terraces Homes Association
1999-2000Paul ConroyIngleside Terraces Homes Association
2000-2001Bill ChionsiniLakeshore Acres Improvment Club
2001-2002Bill ChionsiniLakeshore Acres Improvment Club
2002-2003Bill ChionsiniLakeshore Acres Improvment Club
2003-2004Laurie BermanLakeside Property Owners Association
2004-2005Dave BishoWestwood Highlands Homeowner's Association
2005-2006Dave BishoWestwood Highlands Homeowner's Association
2006-2007Denise LaPointeTwin Peaks Improvement Association
2007-2008Denise LaPointeTwin Peaks Improvement Association
2008-2009Don DutilPine Lake Park Neighborhood Association
2009-2010George WoodingMidtown Terrace Homeowners Association
2010-2011George WoodingMidtown Terrace Homeowners Association
2011-2012Matt ChamberlainGreater West Portal Neighborhood Association
2012-2013Matt ChamberlainGreater West Portal Neighborhood Association
2013-2014Matt ChamberlainGreater West Portal Neighborhood Association
2014-2015Roger RitterBalboa Terrace Homes Association
2015-2016Roger RitterBalboa Terrace Homes Association
2016-2017Roger RitterBalboa Terrace Homes Association
2017-2018Sally StephensGolden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association
2018-2019Mark ScardinaIngleside Terraces Homes Association
2019-2020Mark ScardinaIngleside Terraces Homes Association
2020-2021Dena Aslanian-WilliamsForest Hill Association
2021-2022Dena Aslanian-WilliamsForest Hill Association
2022-2023Stephen Martin-PintoSunnyside Neighborhood Association
2023-2024Denise LaPointeTwin Peaks Improvement Association