2019-2020 WTPCC Officers

During the June 24th meeting of the council, we held our annual election and are happy to announce the following officers for the 2019-2020 term.

  • President: Mark Scardina of Ingleside Terraces Homes Association, will begin his second term
  • Vice-President: Dena Aslanian-Williams of Forest Hill Association, will begin her second term
  • Secretary: Stephen Martin-Pinto of Sunnyside Neighborhood Association, joins the board
  • Treasurer: Carolyn Squeri of Saint Francis Homes Association, begins her 12th term
  • Parliamentarian: Stephen Roditti of Monterey Heights Homes Association joins the board by appointment

They can be reached collectively at wtpcc-officers@googlegroups.com, or individually as president@westoftwinpeaks.org, vice-president@westoftwinpeaks.org, secretary@westoftwinpeaks.org, treasurer@westoftwinpeaks.org and parliamentarian@westoftwinpeaks.org.