MinutesĖ September 22, 2003

12 Organizations Present:

Forest Hill, Walt Farrell

Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson

Ingleside Terraces, Paul Conroy

Lakeshore Acres, Ron Chun

Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman

Merced Manor, Karen Niglio

Midtown Terrace, George Linn

Miraloma Park Improvement Club, Kathy Rawlins

St. Francis Homes, Margaret Diedrich

Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., Gerald Towan

Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho

Westwood Park, Margaret Reed

6 Organizations Absent: Balboa Terraces, Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes, Monterey Heights, Pine Park Neighborhood Assn., Sherwood Forest

Officers Present:

Laurie Berman, President

Dave Bisho, Vice President

Rae Doyle, Recording Secretarty

Margaret Reed, Treasurer

Bill Chionsini, Parliamentarian


Marilyn Amini, Greater West Portal

Emeric Kalman, Greater West Portal

Marilou Lascari, Greater West Portal

Harry J. Aleo, Greater West Portal

Bill Chionsini, Lakeshore Acres

Barbara Chionsini, Lakeshore Acres

Annamarie Conroy, Ingleside Terrace

George Zaback, Twin Peaks Improvement Assn.

Judith Berkowitz, EMIA

Joan Girardot, Coalition for SF Neighborhoods

Dorcas Maureen Bender, Merced Manor

Christophe Niglio, Merced Manor

Herb Dunmeyer, Twin Peaks Improvement Assn.

Sean Elsbernd, Supervisor Tony Hallís office

Tony Sousa

Featured Speakers:†††† Judge Quentin Kopp

†††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† ††††††††† Maria Sousa, Save Out Neighborhoods (SON)

Meeting came to order:7:45 pm

Minutes:The June 23, 2003 minutes were approved

Treasurerís Report:Margaret Reed reported that there is $3,080.16 in the Treasury ††

Committee Reports:

Zoning:Bud Wilson reported that`the Plg. Dept. staff has prepared a study of the costs and time delay of Discretionary Reviews.It could be that is the 1st step in either eliminating DRís or upping the price to match the cost, which is high.

Ocean Avenue Revitalization:Paul Conroy reportedthat there is an effort to put a bond on the ballot to fund the planning of Phelan Loop Plaza. He is in contact with SF Chanber of Commerce.Dave Bisho reported that Paul Conroy is getting an award from SF Beautiful for the Ocean Avenue Renaissance project

Lowell High School: No report

Stonestown Village:Karen Niglio reported that at the 9/18/03 Rec & Park Commissionhearing,the Commission voted to accept the EIR finding that there would not be significant shadow impact on Ralph Nichols Park.Engineers from Preserve Our Neighborhood (PON)had reviewed the shadow study & found it deficient. Lakeshore Acres, Merced Manor, Ingleside Terrace & St. Stephens Church supported PON in challenging the EIR, but the R&P Commission recommended approving the EIR

Lakeshore Plaza: Albertsonís is working 24 hours, 7 days a week on the remodeling project, but are relatively quiet.

Website: Dave Bisho reported that there is a question about how to describe WTPCC issues & who will approve the text. Rae suggested that the text should be e-mailed (or mailed) to apoint person at the association involved and/or to the WTPCC committee head for approval before posting to the website.Dave suggested that an e-mail be posted that will not have to be changed as officers change.It was decided that only websites of member organizations would be linked to WTPCC website.††††††††

New Business/Old Business/Delegate News & Announcements:None

Featured Speakers:Judge Quentin Kopp spoke about the importance of participation in neighborhood organizations, noting that he is concerned about the diminished community interest in neighborhood issues. Maria Sousa of Save Our Neighborhoods discussed the Housing Element (HE) & the Peskin secondary unit legislation. She said that the Plg. Dept. now is allowing developers more latitude,†† permitting more demolition, allowinghousing over commercial establishments without parking. If the HE is approved by the Supervisors, the height limits are going up, the density will be increased, off-street parking will not be required. WTPCC neighborhoods will be affected more by the proposed legislation than any other in the city. City wide 31% of units are single family .In inner and outer Sunset, the figure is 74%.Another issue is that 71% single family homes are owner occupied whereas multiple units are 21% owner occupied.As soon as buildings are converted to multiple units, it is less likely that property owners will occupy them & will have less concern about neighborhood character and maintenance of the structure and surroundings.Also the HE provisions are based on figures from the 2000 census that are outdated because of the collapse of the dot-com boom.One bill has passed in Sacramento eliminating a DR on secondary units in RH2 zone, another one will be final in January 31 eliminating the requirement for parking space for additional units.At present, we have an exemption in the City Charter to these laws that will disappear if the HE is approved by the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m