11 Organizations Present:

Balboa Terrace, Alexandra Vuksich

Forest Hill, Walt Farrell

Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson

Ingleside Terrace, Paul Conroy

Lakeshore Acres, Ron Chun

Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman

Merced Manor, Karen Niglio

Midtown Terrace, George Linn

Miraloma Park Improvement Club, Dan Liberthson

Monterey Heights, Russell Shrader

Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., Gerald Towan

Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho

7 Organizations Absent:  Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes, Monterey Heights, Pine Park Neighborhood Assn., Sherwood Forest, St.Francis Homes, Westwood Park

Officers Present:

Bill Chionsini, President

Laurie Berman, Vice President

Rae Doyle, Recording Secretary

Dave Bisho, Parliamentarian


Gilbert De La Mora, Midtown Terrace

Marilyn Amini, Greater West Portal

Mary Burns, Greater West Portal

Avrum Shephard, Greater West Portal

Mary McDermott, Greater West Portal

Joan Kingery, Greater West Portal

Annamarie Conroy, Ingleside Terrace

Norman Neunier, Ingleside Terrace

Bob Switzer, Balboa Terrace

David Slifer, Balboa Terrace

George Zaback, Twin Peaks Improvement Assn.

Dorcas Maureen Bender, Merced Manor

Christophe Niglio, Merced Manor

Herb Dunmeyer, Forest Knolls/TPIA

Evernease McKnight, Midtown Terrace

Don Harms, Merced Manor

Dorothy Johansen, Parkside Dist. Improvement Club

Arla Escontrias, Laguna Honda Hospital

Jim Kautz, Laguna Honda Hospital

D. J. Canepe, Asst to Assemblyman Leland Yee

Featured Speakers:          John Hutar of the Hotel Council  of San Francisco,

                                           Michael Lane of Laguna Honda Hospital Replacement Project

Meeting came to order:  7:55 pm

Minutes:  The May 19, 2003 minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report:  No report 

Committee Reports: 

Zoning:  Bud Wilson reported that his appeal to require an EIR of Aaron Peskin’s secondary unit legislation before SF Board of Supervisors was postponed to 7/15/03.  He urged attendance at that hearing as a show of support for the appeal.  . Marilyn Amini reported on the 6/19/03 Plg Comm. hearing in which Gerald Green re-opened the question of when to schedule the next public hearing on the draft Housing Element (HE) amendment to the General Plan. Green asked that the commissioners submit by 7/7/03 their individual responses to public comments. Green said he would release by 7/17/03 a 3rd draft HE  containing the commissioners’ comments. However, the consensus of attendees was that the Plg Commissioners’ comments should be available for public review, and that a 3rd  HE draft should not be released until after a hearing in which the public could respond  to the commissioners’ comments.  Paul Conroy suggested that WTPCC take a position on this issue because the General Plan is like a Constitution for city planning. The proposed HE amendment will change policies regarding residential zoning. He added that the proposed HE will make possible legalization of secondary units without neighborhood input and is based on outdated housing need data.  Paul  made a motion that a WTPCC letter be written to the Plg. Dept. opposing  the HE amendment, as proposed, and that the Plg. Commissioners’ comments be made accessible to the public.  Motion seconded and passed unanimously. Bill appointed a HE committee with Laurie Berman as chair, including Paul Conroy & himself.

Ocean Avenue Revitalization:  Paul Conroy reported that resumption of streetcar service on Ocean Avenue was celebrated last Saturday.  The ceremony was attended by Supervisors Hall and Sandoval and  Mayor Brown.  Paul suggested that WTPCC thank Mayor Brown for his help in making the revitalization project happen, completion of which has been extended to August.

Lowell High School: Ron Chun reported school is on summer break and there is little activity.

Stonestown Village:  Karen Niglio reported that the committee was still waiting for Plg. Dept’s reply to Preserve Our Neighborhood comments on the EIR.  Plg. Dept. expects that it will be Xmas before they are done.  Laurie Berman related a rumor that the developer expected to begin breaking ground in April.  Karen suggested that was not possible and urged people to get their neighbors involved and informed about this project.  The PR firm is making it look like a done deal, but it is not.  

Lakeshore Plaza: Bill Chionsini reported that there is no word so far about when work on Albertson’s remodeling will begin.

Website: Avrum Shepard reported the Website should concentrate on the current issues of member organizations.        

New Business:  2003-04 officers were elected: Laurie Berman, Pres.; Dave Bisho, V. .Pres.; Margaret Reed, Treas.; Rae Doyle, Secy.; Bill Chionsini, Parliamentarian. D.J. Canepa of Assemblyman Leland Yee’s office presented a certificate of recognition to Bill Chionsini  from the State Assembly honoring him for his 3-years of service as president of WTPCC.

Featured Speakers: John Hutar of the Hotel Council  discussed the problems of panhandling and homelessness on San Francisco Streets & its effect on the city’s businesses.  Michael Lane presented the Laguna Honda Tree Removal Program.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m