West of Twin Peaks Central Council Minutes for May 19, 2003

11 Organizations Present:
Forest Hill, Walt Farrell
Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson
Ingleside Terrace, Paul Conroy
Lakeshore Acres, Ron Chun
Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman
Merced Manor, Karen Niglio
Miraloma Park Improvement Club, Dan Liberthson
Monterey Heights, Russell Shrader
Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., Gerald Towan
Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho
Westwood Park, Margaret Reed

7 Organizations Absent:
Balboa Terrace, Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes, Midtown Terrace, Pine Park Neighborhood Assn. Sherwood Forest, St.Francis Homes

Officers Present:
Laurie Berman, Acting President
Margaret Reed, Treasurer
Rae Doyle, Recording Secretary
Dave Bisho, Parliamentarian

Charlie Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Alene Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Marilou Lescari, Greater West Portal
Dorcas Maureen Bender, Merced Manor
Christophe Niglio, Merced Manor
Don Harms, Merced Manor
Kit Powers, Mayor's Office
Sean Elsbernd, Office of Supervisor Hall
D. J. Canepe, Asst to Assemblyman Leland Yee
Glenn Gullmes, West Portal Monthly

Featured Speakers: Chancellor Phil Day and Trustee Rodel Rodis of SF City College
Jeanette Hill of Friends of The Urban Forest
Meeting came to order: 7:55 pm
Minutes: The April 28, 2003 minutes were approved with corrections
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Margaret Reed reported that there is $3,989.09 in the Treasury
Committee Reports:
Zoning: Bud Wilson reporting: Bud Wilson, Chairman of WTPCC Zoning Committee, is filing the appeal of the EIR exemption for the Peskin secondary unit legislation with the support of WTPCC. Protect Our Neighbor (PON) & Coalition of SF Neighborhoods (CSFN) are also filing appeals. Paul Conroy said Ingleside Terrace has sent a letter of support of the appeal. The 3 appeals will be heard before Board of Supervisors on 6/17/03. Dave Bisho commented that the Plg. Dept is revising residential guidelines that were adopted in 1989, to improve the review process. Bud said neighborhoods that do not have CC&R's might consider establishing residential guidelines. Greater West Portal Neighborhood Assn., at Sup. Tony Hall's request, will have a Town Hall meeting to address the Housing Element & the Peskin secondary unit legislation on 6/9/03 at St. Brendan's at 7:00 pm. Discussion Panel will include Plg Dept. Amit Ghosh, Sup. Tony Hall, Plg Commissioner Mike Antonini, & Sup. Peskin's aide, Wade Crowfoot. The Panel will answer questions from the floor.
Ocean Avenue Revitalization: Paul had nothing to report but welcomed Chancellor Day and Trustee Rodis.
Stonestown Village: Karen Niglio had nothing to report. PON is waiting for answers from Plg. Dept. to their EIR questions.
Lakeshore Plaza: No report
Lowell High School: Ron Chun reporting: Lowell HS has accommodated neighbors by closing back entrance on weekends.
Nominating Committee: Ron Chun reporting: 2003-04 slate: Laurie Berman, President; Dave Bisho, Vice President; Margaret Reed, Treasurer; Rae Doyle, Secretary. President will appoint the Parliamentarian. The election will be held in June.
Website: Rae reporting: Avrum is out of town. He suggested WTPCC website include: Bylaws, Constitution, minutes from 1/03, updated map, history, & roster. Dave suggested that the WTPCC roster in the website not include phone & e-mail info but the site would have links to members' sites and they could include that info if they chose to. Margaret moved for funds not to exceed $400 be allotted for website the first year. Motion passed.

New Business: Laurie Berman suggested that WTPCC buy E&O insurance. Motion to investigate cost of insurance passed.
Delegate News & Announcements: Gerald Towan of Twin Peaks Imp. Assn. asked for support on 5/22/03 when Plg. Comm. hears plans for retrofitting Sutro Tower. Plg. Dept. has identified 100 parts for attention & the neighborhood has consulted experts who identified 700 parts. TPIA wants the retrofitting work done, but done adequately. Margaret Reed reported that an architectural team has been selected to design the library on Ocean Avenue at Sunset Garage site. Bud Wilson announced Memorial Day Ceremony on 5/25/03. Paul Conroy moved to dedicate the meeting to the late Joseph Bisho. Motion passed.
Featured Speakers: Rodel Rodis described how City College acquired 15 acres of the Balboa Reservoir from the PUC, and then persuaded the PUC to reconfigure the site so that City College could have the land that fronts Phelan Avenue. A parking lot is planned for this area with an additional entrance that will reduce congestion while increasing the number of parking spaces that are now available. Chancellor Phil Day explained the strategies being employed to obtain funding for a Wellness Ctr and Performing Arts Ctr. A Wellness Ctr & Child Care Ctr will be built first with additional state funding. It will be located at the site of the existing parking lot & practice field where another entrance will be created. The Performing Arts Ctr with a performing arts laboratory & learning center ( as required to obtain state funding) will be built as funds are available.
Jeanette Hill presented the Friends of The Urban Forest tree planting program.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m