West of Twin Peaks Central Council - Minutes April 28, 2003

12 Organizations Present:
Balboa Terrace, Alexa Vuksich
Forest Hill, Walt Farrell
Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson
Ingleside Terrace, Paul Conroy
Lakeshore Acres, Bill Chionsini
Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman
Merced Manor, Karen Niglio
Midtown Terrace Assn., Gilbert De La Mora
Miraloma Park, Dan Liberthson
Monterey Heights, Barbara Guillon
Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., George Zaback
Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho

6 Organizations Absent:
Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes,Sherwood Forest, St.Francis Homes, Pinelake Park, Westwood Park

Officers Present:
Bill Chionsini, President
Laurie Berman, Vice Presidentt
Rae Doyle, Recording Secretary
Dave Bisho, Parliamentarian

Charlie Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Alene Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Steven Johns, Lakeshore Acres/PON
Barbara Gullion, Monterey Heights
Lynn Lynch, Merced Manor
Aileen Bender, Merced Manor
David Dawdy, Merced Manor
Barbara Chionsini, Lakeshore Acres
Doris Dawdy, Merced Manor
Mike Garcia, Merced Manor
Christophe Niglio, Merced Manor
Adena Rosmarin, Lakeshore Acres
Arnold Thompson, Greater West Portal
Jill Kent, Greater West Portal
Marilyn Amini, Greater West Portal
Don Enochson, Greater West Portal
Sheila Bost, Greater West Portal
Tim Colen, Greater West Portal
Stephanie Lima, Greater West Portal
Ron Lichty;, Greater West Portal
Marylou Lascari, Greater West Portal
Karen Wood, Miraloma Park
Harold Wright, Forest Hill Assn.
Norman Meunier, Ingleside Terrace
Annemarie Conroy, Ingleside Terrace
Lois DeCastro, St. Mary's Park resident
Mike DeCastro, St. Mary's Park resident
Steven Currier, Outer Mission Resident Assn.
Gerald Towan, Twin Peaks Improvement Assn
George Linn, Midtown Terrace
Dorothy J. Johansen, Parkside Dist.
Jack Lum
Louis Dorsey
Ron Miguel, PAR
Sean Elsbernd, Office of Supervisor Hall

Minutes: The March 24, 2003 minutes were approved with correction by Paul Conroy.
Treasurer's Report: Bill Chionsini, for Margaret Reed, reported that there is $4,012.77 in the Treasury
Committee Reports:
Zoning: Bud Wilson reporting. Requested that WTPCC support appeal of the certificate of determination (EIR exemption) for the secondary unit legislation. Motion raised, passed that WTPCC send a letter of support for this appeal. Another motion by Dave Bisho passed that WTPCC send letter of opposition to Paul Maltzer re "Secondary Units Ordinance" with cc to Sup. Aaron Peskin & Mayor Brown.
Ocean Avenue Revitalization: Phil Day, Chancellor of SF City College wants to meet with WTPCC to discuss plans for reservoir. They are postponing plans for performing arts bldg. and are planning fitness center instead. They would also like to discuss City College's role (or non-role) on the Phelan Plaza issue.
Stonestown Village: Edena Rosmarin reported that Protect Our Neighborhood (PON) has produced 3 volumes of questions re the EIR for response by the Plg. Dept. The 3 volumes covers items such as noise, traffic, geology. Copies of the 3 volumes will be provided for WTPCC archives. Now, everything is in hiatus because it will take months for replies from Plg. Dept.
Lakeshore Plaza: Bill Chionsini reported that the Plg. Dept. Zoning Administrator's determination that McDonald is not an acceptable use at Lakeshore was upheld by the Board of Appeals on 4/23/03 by a vote of 3 to 2.
Lowell High School: None
Website; None

New Business: Bill Chionsini reported that the nominating committee for 2003-2004 election will include Karen Niglio, Ron Chun and George Zaback. Anyone interested in serving should come forward. Steve Currier reported that the Outer Mission Residence Assn. would like to join WTPCC. Bill Chionsini said the request would be considered by the Council.
Delegate News & Announcements: David Dawdy reported that the Lake Merced Task Force will be collecting dues. Daly City is developing a model of the west side basin that will be the basis for basin-wide planning for Lake Merced and Pinelake.
Featured Speaker: Don Harms reported on rehabilitation houses in RH1 neighborhoods. Wade Crowfoot presented Sup. Peskin legislation. Objections raised were: People bought homes in RH1 neighbors with expectation they would remain RH1. There is a question about whether an EIR is necessary. Infrastructure problems, privacy, and parking issues were raised.
Meeting adjourned at 9:44 p.m.