West of Twin Peaks Central Council - Minutes for March 24, 2003

13 Organizations Present:
Forest Hill, Walt Farrell
Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson
Ingleside Terrace, Paul Conroy
Lakeshore Acres, Barbara Chionsini
Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman
Merced Manor, Karen Niglio
Midtown Terrace Assn., Gilbert De La Mora
Miraloma Park, Karen Wood
Monterey Heights, Russell Shrader
Sherwood Forest, Bob DeLiso
Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., George Zaback
Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho
Westwood Park, Margaret Reed
5 Organizations Absent:
Balboa Terrace, Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes, Pine Park Neighborhood Assn. St.Francis Homes
Officers Present:
Laurie Berman, Acting President
Margaret Reed, Treasurer
Rae Doyle, Recording Secretary
Dave Bisho, Parliamentarian
Charlie Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Alene Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Mabel Zaeneske, Forest Hill
Patrick Impett, Forest Hill
Dorcas Maureen Bender, Merced Manor
Christophe Niglio, Merced Manor
Kit Powers, Mayor's Office
John Gavin, Newson for Mayor
Sean Elsbernd, Office of Supervisor Hall
Jim Kantz, Anshen & Allen/Gordon H. Chong
Bruce Selby, Lakeshore Acres
Ron Chun, Lakeshore Acres
Avrum Shepard, Greater West Portal
Bill Applegate, Lakeside Property Owners
Mike Garcia, Midtown Terrace
Evernease McKnight, Midtown Terrace
John Gavin, Newsom for Mayor
Arla Escontreias, Laguna Honda
George Linn, Midtown Terrace

Minutes: The February 24, 2003 minutes were approved
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Margaret Reed reported that there is $3,922.77 in the Treasury

Committee Reports:
Zoning: Bud Wilson reporting. The Plg Dept. is presenting the Housing Element of City Action Plan to the Plg Commission on 3/27/03. The Hayes Valley component of the Housing Element will follow demolition of the Central Freeway.
Ocean Avenue Revitalization: Paul Conroy reporting: Ingleside Terrace passed a resolution that the pylon at Ocean & Victory be removed. There was opposition to this so the pylon may have to stay or be relocated. Paul reported that he asked the Plg. Commission to make Phelan Loop Plaza larger than current plans. WTPCC sent a letter to Commission supporting a larger Plaza. He asked that it be included in 3/24/03 minutes.
Stonestown Village: Karen Niglio reporting: There was a large attendance at the Plg. Commission hearing on 2/27 re the Stonestown DEIR. The date of the hearing and end of public comment period had been incorrectly reported in a newsletter circulated by PR company, BergDavis. The commission therefore extended the date for public comment to 3/17/03. At the Plg. Commission hearing, there were many people testifying about inaccuracies in the Stonestown DEIR.
Lakeshore Plaza: Ron Chun reporting: Re McDonald's appeal to Bd of Appeals to redefine a hamburger as a sandwich, Sup. Hall has asked in local papers for comments about whether neighbors wanted a sit down restaurant that serves hamburgers. (Sean Ellsbernd commented that Hall's office has received about 70 e-mails and phone calls in favor and two opposed) Ron said that the CU specifically excludes a hamburger. A regular restaurant is okay, but not if it serves hamburgers primarily. That kind of restaurant would generate, over time, a lot of odors. The issue is also the type of crowd it would attract Ron urged members to contact Hall regarding their issues re Lakeshore Plaza.
Lowell High School: None
Website: Avrum Shepard reporting: The cost of website would be about $300 a year, $15 monthly for maintenance & $50 site fee Info about organization history, mission statement, member associations, links to websites of member associations. Web would have links to member organization websites, city organizations, & departments. It could contain information about issues such as currently Stonestown and Lakeshore Plaza. A website is ongoing making it possible to address issues as the occur. Minutes and agenda. Could be accessed by e-mail. Motion to have Avrum design website was raised and approved.

New Business/Old Business: None
Delegate News & Announcements: None
Featured Speakers: Michael Lane, Laguna Honda Replacement Project Mgr. presented update as demolition begins.
Mark Zinky, Glen Park business owner, gave presentation why businesses and neighbors are appealing the Glen Park Development negative declaration before Board of Appeals on April 23.
Meeting adjourned at 9:47 p.m.