WEST OF TWIN PEAKS CENTRAL COUNCIL - Minutes for Jan. 27, 2003

12 Organizations Present:
Balboa Terrace, Alexa Vuksich
Forest Hill, Walt Farrell
Greater West Portal, Bud Wilson
Ingleside Terrace, Paul Conroy
Lakeshore Acres, Barbara Chionsini
Lakeside Property Owners, Laurie Berman
Merced Manor, Christophe Niglio
Midtown Terrace Assn., George Linn
Miraloma Park, Dan Liberthson
Twin Peaks Improvement Assn., George Zaback
Westwood Highlands, Dave Bisho
Westwood Park, Margaret Reed
6 Organizations Absent:
Crestlake Property Owners Assn., Galewood Circle, Lakeside Homes, Monterey Heights, Sherwood Forest, St.Francis Homes

Bill Chionsini, President
Laurie Berman, Vice President
Margaret Reed, Treasurer
Rae Doyle, Recording Secretary
Dave Bisho, Parliamentarian

Charlie Meyers, Lakeshore Acres
Dorcas Maureen Bender, Merced Manor
Lynn Lynch, Merced Manor
Bernard Crotty, Merced Manor
Mike Garcia, Merced Manor
Virginia Stefanelli, Merced Manor
Karen Niglio, Merced Manor
Steve Johns, Lakeshore Acres
John Hentz, Lakeshore Acres
Bruce Selby, Lakeshore Acres
Adena Rosmarin, Lakeshore Acres
Anita Theoharis, Westwood Park
Sean Elsbernd, Supervisor Tony Hall's Ofc.
Michael Antonini, Planning Commission
Annemarie Conroy, Westside
Jessica Berg, Stonestown Village
Trudi Opton, Stonestown Village
Charmaine Curtis, Stonestown Village

Featured Speaker: Shelby Campbell, Stonestown Village Project DEIR
Meeting called to order 7:45 p.m.
Minutes: The November 25, 2002 minutes were approved
Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Margaret Reed reported that there is $2,426.29 in the Treasury

Committee Reports:
Zoning: Bud Wilson reporting. Legislation was introduced today at Board of Supervisors to make Forest Hill Station a land mark. If you like idea, write letters. Re: Housing Element of General Plan. Something WTPCC should get involved in. There will be a number of meetings in which public input will be taken before the Board of Supervisors approves the Plan. 30-day prior notice of meetings will be required. The Housing Element is one of three in the City Action Plan (CAP). Transportation corridors are targeted for high-density residential development. The purpose of CAP is to meet the affordable housing needs of an increasing San Francisco population. Three land use areas have been designated: Balboa Park, Central Waterfront, and Market & Octavia. The latter will be developed first as high-density, car-free area. Bill said he would plan to have next month's speaker on this issue
Ocean Avenue Revitalization: Paul Conroy reporting. There is a proposal connected to Balboa Park project to put housing in the Phelan Loop rather than a public plaza. Another concern is density of housing between 280 and Phelan. There is a plan to convert the auto parts store into a 4 story mixed use building with some 2-bedroom with only 1 car space per unit. Moved for resolution that a letter be directed to Better Neighborhood Group, cc to Mayor and Director of City Plg restating desire for a plaza at Phelan Loop stating that though WTPCC is not opposed to new housing, it is concerned about the proposed density. Anita Theoharis asked for an amendment to motion that zoning requirement of 1 parking place per unit not be changed. Motion and amendment seconded and carried. Paul asked WTPCC to send letter asking that a pylon, left over from another era and now an eyesore, be removed at Victoria and Ocean while sidewalks are being torn up. Motion seconded and carried.

Lowell High School Committee: None
Stonestown Village:After Shelby Campbell's presentation on Stonestown Village and announced the public hearing date for the DEIR has changed from 2/13/03 to 2/27/03. Merced Manor's delegate Karen Niglio moved that WTPCC send letter to Plg Dept. re inaccuracies in DEIR & transportation study. Motion seconded and carried.

Lakeshore Plaza: Bill Chionsini reporting. Albertson's remodel set for 2/04. McDonald's Board of Appeal hearing is on 2/26

New Business: WTPCC Website committee formed including Rae Doyle, Dave Bisho, & Anita Theoharis.
Old Business: none
Delegate News & Announcements: Dave Bisho asked if WTPCC should raise dues. It was suggested that this should be considered at a later time. Bud Wilson announced Dist. 7 Advisory Meeting on Wed. Feb. 5.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.